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Investment announced to improve safety at 1,400 Illinois rail crossings

Posted: 7 April 2020 | | No comments yet

Over $315 million will be spent by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to help local communities and railroads pay for safety improvements at over 1,400 crossing locations in Illinois.

Illinois ICC announces investment into 1,400 rail crossing safety improvements

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has announced that is has approved its annual five-year plan for the Crossing Safety Improvement Program (CSIP) to begin implementing highway-rail safety capital projects across the state.

Carrie Zalewski, ICC Chairman, said: “Rail crossing safety has always been a top priority of the Illinois Commerce Commission to prevent the loss of life due to train-related collisions. The CSIP enables the ICC to identify and help provide funding for much-needed rail crossing safety projects on local roads and streets in communities throughout Illinois.”

From 2021 to 2025, the?ICC will spend over $315 million – taken from the Grade Crossing Protection Fund (GCPF), which was created by state law to assist local jurisdictions (counties, townships and municipalities) in paying for safety improvements at highway-rail crossings on local roads and streets only?– and invest the money into helping local communities and railroads pay for safety improvements at over 1,400 crossing locations.

ICC’s five-year plan proposes aid from the GCPF on 23 highway-rail bridge projects, four pedestrian-rail bridge projects, over 330 new grade crossing projects and low-cost improvements at over 1,000 crossing locations.

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